Unveiling the 22ss Sports Style Sp5der T-shirt for Men & Women, an avant-garde and versatile apparel option suitable for both gentlemen and ladies. This fashionable garment epitomizes the fusion of athleticism and style, appealing to those with a penchant for sporty aesthetics. Meticulously crafted, this t-shirt showcases a distinctive sp5der motif that infuses a hint of audacity into any ensemble. Fabricated from top-tier materials, it delivers unparalleled comfort and resilience, ensuring enduring wear. The 22ss sports-style spider t-shirt serves as the ideal choice for casual affairs, workout sessions, or outdoor pursuits, enabling wearers to express their athletic side while upholding a sartorial flair. Elevate your wardrobe with this attention-grabbing and cozy attire.

Product Design:

The 22ss Sports Style Sp5der T-shirt boasts a unique sp5der motif, introducing an exclusive and daring element to the garment. The design is meticulously fashioned to appeal to both men and women, rendering it a versatile selection for various occasions.


This tee is meticulously fashioned from first-rate materials that emphasize comfort and endurance. The choice of fabric is designed to ensure breathability, granting a comfortable wearing experience during sporting activities or informal outings. The robust construction guarantees that the t-shirt endures regular usage while preserving its form and hues over time.

Gender-Neutral Fit:

The t-shirt is conceived to accommodate both males and females, offering a gender-neutral fit that enhances various body types. It is obtainable in a variety of dimensions to meet distinct preferences. This versatile fit renders it fitting for individuals in search of an athletic and modish style, irrespective of gender.


Unique Sp5der Design:

The 22ss Sports Style Sp5der T-shirt sets itself apart with its distinctive sp5der pattern. The striking graphic introduces a touch of audacity and innovation to the apparel, making it an outstanding selection for those who desire to express their personal style.

Comfort and Sturdiness:

Crafted from superior materials, this t-shirt gives precedence to both comfort and durability. The fabric is meticulously chosen to provide breathability, ensuring a comfortable wearing experience even during physical activities. Additionally, the t-shirt’s robust construction guarantees its ability to endure regular use while preserving its form and color over time.

Versatile Gender-Neutral Fit:

The t-shirt is engineered to be all-encompassing, offering a versatile gender-neutral fit that flatters both males and females. With a variety of sizes accessible, it adapts to diverse body types and inclinations. This makes it an optimal choice for those in pursuit of a sporty and chic style, regardless of their gender.



L, M, S, XL, XS, XXL


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